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These Are Some Of The Craziest Features You Can Find In a Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce Phantom

Heated seats and electric windows were pretty extraordinary just a couple of decades ago. While in-car navigation systems and air suspensions were the top-notch features back then, today, most executive sedans come with these. Actually, upgraded infotainment systems and artificial intelligence-based toys don’t surprise us that much nowadays.

A top of the line brand like Rolls-Royce can’t play along with other manufacturers. They only make remarkable cars – the ones that say, “I am wealthy, and you know it.” Features like mini refrigerators, multiple screens, and cameras all around are as standard as a steering wheel. But we are interested in more excessive features.

Let’s look at the ones that prove that Rolls-Royce is a different breed in the automotive industry.

GPS-Synced transmission

Rolls Royce Wraith interior

Many automatic transmissions as DSG are so smooth that you can recognize gear changes only by tachometer readings. But Rolls-Royce is already ahead of technology because the 8-speed automatic transmission in Wraith works together with a GPS.

While navigation scans the road type and conditions ahead, the transmission control unit uses that data to optimize shifting timing and achieve the smoothest ride possible.

Privacy suite

Rolls royce phantom rear seat

Everyone has seen at least one movie where a solid partition separates the chauffeur and rear passengers in a limousine. That partition rises and lowers with a push of a button, leaving passengers completely alone in the back.

Rolls-Royce offers its own version of such a privacy suite. Those who choose this option receive a wall between rear and front areas covered in leather and wood. The barrier has an electrochromatic glass, which completely tints. Moreover, rear windows come with thick, dark curtains. The whole suite begins to look like a private cinema at that point.

Even more surprising is the price. This interior upgrade costs an eye-watering 100 000 euros! 

The RR logos on the wheels are always upright

Rolls royce wheel

To show how serious Rolls-Royce is about achieving perfection, they use special wheel center caps with logos, which don’t rotate together with wheels. It means that every exterior RR logo is upright, even when you’re driving.

Authentic VIN plate

Rolls Royce Phantom VIN plate

Every car has its unique VIN number, which helps to identify each vehicle and get their history reports to learn about mileage, title, and other possible frauds. These numbers are simply stamped into metal plates. However, Rolls-Royce have been taking this much more seriously for decades now. 

For example, the Rolls-Royce Phantom VIN plates are posher than most of our watches and rings. It’s a thick piece of polished metal with engraved numbers and logos. The plate is a heritage accessory that every Phantom wears with pride.

Lambswool foot mats

Do you know how hard it is to get into a car with a freshly cleaned interior? Imagine placing your new fluffy blanket instead of floor mats – how’s that for a rainy day?

Well, Rolls-Royce offers ultra-luxurious lambswool foot mats for their models. These super soft and fluffy mats have leather padding underneath, and the area under the pedals is even thicker to provide longevity. Is it even legal to step on them with the shoes on?

Umbrellas inside the doors

Rolls Royce umbrella

Rolls-Royce cares about its owner when he’s outside the car too. Both rear doors hold individually designed umbrellas, which are within reach each time you get out of the vehicle. Just try not to lose them because one umbrella costs 600 euros.

Unlike upright RR logos, umbrellas inside the doors aren’t a unique feature. Skoda has been doing that in the Superb since 2008. As of 2016, even the smaller models get this royal feature. However, Skoda umbrellas aren’t that luxurious, that’s for sure.

Individual starlight headliners

Rolls Royce starlight headliner

The starlight headliners have been available in Rolls-Royce models for over a decade now. This option costs around 15 000 euros and takes hours of professional work to complete. The team of top-notch engineers and designers place hundreds of optical fibers in a headliner, making the replica of the night sky unique in each Rolls-Royce.

What’s even cooler, they can place all these stars in a particular pattern. For example, designers can find out the constellation pattern of any day of your choosing: the day you were born or the day you got behind the wheel of your own Rolls Royce for the very first time. These headliners even have occasional shooting stars – no kidding! This option indeed isn’t for everyone.

The financially independent people only want the overall best: Rolex watches, Gucci clothes, and cars from Rolls-Royce. These cars aren’t the ones that become money pits after a few years. Rolls-Royce has been producing cars for more than a century, and more than 60% of cars they have made are still on the roads today. When it comes to quality, numbers speak for themselves!

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