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5 expensive and unusual car options

Sporty and more expensive Bugatti Chiron

How hard can it be to buy a new, very expensive, or even exotic car? From the moment you think about it, this process seems very easy. 

You see a new (for example) Lamborghini, you go to the nearest dealership, reveal your desires to the salesman, and that’s it. Right? Well, not really. 

Ferrari and other high-end manufacturers like to emphasize that new or old clients can customize their orders. A client needs to tell what he wants, and the manufacturer materializes their ideas into the real world. 

The most problematic aspect of this personalization is the cost that must be paid. Buckle up because these vehicle options costs will astound you. 

Take a sip

Ferrari was one of the first manufacturers globally who declared that buying a Ferrari should be an extraordinary experience, especially when configuring your next Italian supercar. 

The most extraordinary thing is that the not-so-new but still very impressive Ferrari F12 has a list of optional extras that is not very long. 

A cup holder constructed of carbon fiber is one of the most interesting alternatives available. According to Ferrari, if you put a cup in this holder, not a single drop of coffee will escape from your cup even at high speeds. This pleasure costs an eye-watering 3387 euros (3988 dollars). 

Luxury Ferrari F12 Berlinetta interior

British signature

Rolls-Royce Phantom is an ultimate luxury saloon. It seems that Rolls-Royce Phantom was made for people who have enough money to hire a driver and who don’t give a damn about other road users because back seats were comfortable enough to relax or use other features that’d helped to earn more money. 

Rolls-Royce is one of few manufacturers in the world who perfected the art of extorting money from buyers. See these very nice pens? Would you like to have them in a Rolls-Royce Phantom? Of course, sir. Here is a receipt for 4408 euros (5190 dollars). 

Rolls-Royce pencils

Italian bodyguard 

A rear-view camera is a useful feature found in the majority of modern vehicles nowadays.

It was designed to make reversing a car more manageable, and it succeeded. When driving a large truck or people carrier, a rear-view camera comes very handy. 

Today most new cars have backup cameras. Even if they do not have specific interior trim, it costs several hundred euros, but that was not the case Lamborghini Aventador supercar. 

When a potential Lamborghini Aventador buyer looked at the options list, and if he wanted to order a rear-view camera, the buyer should pay an astronomical 4500 euros (5298 dollars) for it.  

Rear end of Lamborghini Aventador S

Costly privacy

Maybach 62. A luxurious limousine from Germany that is no longer in production but is still appreciated by many. 

Despite its Mercedes-Benz-like exterior and other similarities with the S-Class, Maybach 62 had an extraordinary interior, which resembled a high-end hotel room. 

When Maybach 62 was brand new, it cost a six-figure sum, but that was just a start. Germanic engineering marvel had quite a lengthy options list. Maybach wanted its customers to create one of a kind limousine, which could differ in terms of body color, alloy wheels, and comfort-oriented features.

One of the most significant feature was a partition made of natural wood. This wooden wall had bullet-proof glass that could go up or down at the touch of the button. Notable, isn’t it? Of course, but this feature is impressive as its price – 35.000 euros (approximately 41.000 dollars) 

Maybach 62 rear seats

Stars in the sky

Rolls-Royce always was a carmaker, which produced status symbols for musicians, aristocrats, or celebrities with huge egos. I want to say that Rolls-Royce has a different purpose, but it doesn’t. 

No matter how vulgar or unnecessary Rolls-Royce is, the British manufacturer has many properties, which could amaze every one of you. For example? One of the most prominent features of the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the star-spangled roof. It contains 1600 LED bulbs that start shining like stars in the sky at the touch of the button. Not very useful, but a mesmerizing function, which cost 11.000 euros (approximately 12.000 dollars). 

Rolls Royce starlight

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