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You can buy a Toyota GR86 with steelies

Silver Toyota GR 86 Cup car basic

Toyota and Subaru recently unveiled an additional version of the GR86 and BRZ – the Cup Car Basic. Starting at €25,500, it’s the cheapest version and only available in Japan. The point of this plain choice is to save some time and money for those who only buy the GR86 or BRZ for track racing – no unnecessary yet expensive wheels, no toys inside. 

This version comes with R16 steel rims and 205/55 tires – why pay for alloy rims and low profile tires, which you’re going to toss out anyway? They also ditched the entire audio system to save weight and reduce the car’s price – there’s a plastic cover instead of a touchscreen.

It’s not all about ripping valuable features out of the car and making it a racing version. Toyota GR86 Cup Car Basic also gets a 6-point roll cage with an additional sidebar. 40 mm pipes provide necessary protection yet preserve seating for four people. Engine oil cooling is also enhanced thanks to a large oil radiator.

Other than that, it’s still the same basic GR86, featuring a 2.4 L naturally-aspirated boxer engine, 235 hp, and six-speed manual transmission. This Cup Car Basic version is too stripped-out for daily driving, but it’s a great jump start for racing preparations.

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