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Mercedes-Benz EQ Series – They Are Serious About 2030

2021 Mercedes EQG Concept

It seems the production of fossil-fuel-powered cars is dying off in a decade or two. Many big car manufacturers noted that they’re going full-electric soon, so it means that the end of internal combustion cars is on the horizon. Mercedes already announced that they’re replacing petrol and diesel cars with EVs by 2030. While they’re still treating gearheads with such beauties as GT63 S E Performance, Mercedes already offers a series of electric vehicles called the EQ.

Recently they revealed a few more models that fit this lineup. While some of these are just concepts, it still shows their strong intentions about making this whole electrification thing work.

Mercedes-Benz EQE

2023 grey Mercedes EQE

Even with different body lines, the EQE is considered a cousin of the E-class. The exterior design resembles the CLS – a four-door coupe. Aerodynamic body lines are necessary to reduce wind noise and increase range, so bulky shapes are still out of touch.

There’s not much information about technical specs, but it is known that the EQE350 version will be the first one to arrive. It should feature 288 horsepower and a rear-wheel-drive system. There will also be all-wheel-drive versions with more than 400 horsepower, but more on that next time.

As you would expect from Mercedes, the electric version of the E-class is packed with outstanding features. For example, passengers can watch movies on the gigantic front panel screen, and if the driver takes a peek at it while driving, the content will be blocked. All is possible thanks to the monitoring of the driver’s eye movements. Smells like overengineering, but it should be effective.

We won’t be enjoying the EQE soon because the release date will be announced next year only.

Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS

Mercedes EQS SUV Maybach

No, we won’t be able to buy a fully electric Maybach SUV yet, but Mercedes is already giving us a taste of luxury that should be a part of their lineup sooner or later. The new concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS seems to be sleek and angry at the same time. You can find fine details outside, including obsidian black paint, chrome stripes, LED lights with Maybach mesh pattern.

There’s no info about technical specs yet, but Mercedes promised that the Maybach SUV should provide 600 kilometers range.

The interior is as majestic as it can be today. Mercedes calls it a lounge because it’s a great place to work and relax. The floor is covered with faux fur, and the seats are very similar to the ones used in the S-class, high-end entertainment system in the back, and much more.

Concept Mercedes-Benz EQG

Loud and rugged today, quiet and eco-friendly tomorrow – that’s the situation with the G-Wagen. Mercedes introduced the concept EQG, which is a near-production model. The biggest difference between this and the two earlier models is the body shape. Mercedes knows that the G-class will be ruined once rounded, so they kept the boxy body and robust specifications.

It will feature four electrical motors for each wheel, and EQG will remain a body-on-frame SUV. Mercedes-AMG announced that they will be offering electric AMG versions too. With tall ground clearance, buffed suspension, and instant power, the new EQG may become the beast like never before.

The futuristic and funky promotional campaign for this SUV may be too light for those who find the G-class serious and subtle, but Mercedes may be targeting wider audiences with this one.

All doubts about Mercedes going full electric by 2030 are almost non-existent now. They offer various EVs at the moment, and the EQ lineup is getting bigger month after month. If you love petrol engines, get yourself an AMG and save it in your garage while you can. However, if you love Mercedes-Benz, get ready to meet the EQ family.

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