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E-Legend EL1 pays an electrified homage to legendary Audi Sport Quattro

Sporty looking E-Legend EL1

Can you describe what makes Group B rally cars so magical? I can. It’s a perfect blend of excitement, technological advancement, and sense of danger that made these glorious cars unforgettable. 

For the past two decades, numerous projects tried to recapture the magic of original Group B rally cars, but most of them failed, and for a good reason. Most of them try to replicate them in an old-fashioned way, and that’s an issue.

Germany-based E-Legend shows that there are better, more inspiring ways to revive the automotive industry legends. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is the E-Legend EL1.

Looking into the future

E-Legend EL1 and Audi Sport Quattro

Perhaps right from the first glance at E-Legend EL1, you will recognize one model in particular. It is undoubtedly inspired by the legendary Audi Sport Quattro. 

Wide hips, low roofline, and very short wheel-base are Audi Sport Quattro properties, and they are right here reimagined in E-Legend EL1. A delightful joy for my (and your) eyes!

I applaud designers for keeping several neat touches, which are seen in Audi Sport Quattro, but they also wholly reinvented classic design with modern design details. It all seems like a well executed restomod project. Every bit as beautiful as the original car, but mated perfectly to the present-day automotive background.

No more 5 cylinder tone

E-Legend EL1 back end

Rimac and Lotus showed that sports cars in the future would have to embrace electric powertrains. They are hugely powerful and efficient. Also, they are future-proof in terms of legislation, so it’s no surprise that E-Legend adopted an electric powertrain. 

It is said that this particular Group-B legend resemblance comes with three electric motors that power both axles. As the Audi Sport Quattro, it has a permanent four-wheel drive system, which will help to maintain the car going sideways in very wet conditions. 

As of the power – it will definitely keep supercar owners worried. With 90 kWh battery capacity and 816 HP onboard, it will sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (0 – 62 mph) in just 2.8 seconds, and will reach a top speed of 255 km/h. We all know that electric vehicles are not about the top speed, but how quickly they get there.

Furthermore, it will offer a fast charging function on 150 kW DC systems, so E-Legend EL1 drivers will not have to wait long to resume their journey. Well, unless the charging station will be occupied, which is likely in the near future.

The creators are confident that an electric-powered coupe will have enough juice for at least two laps for a track day in Nordschleife. To me, that’s not a lot, but I guess that amount of ferocious power would make the tyres burst in a couple of laps, so perhaps the range is not the most important part.

Cold start

E-Legend EL1 panning shot

E-Legend is a newly formed company, but this project shows its ambition to become a serious player in the automotive industry. If they can achieve their targets to start serial production in 2023, I would be chuffed. 

I certainly hope there are enough people who have enough guts to pay close to 1.1M euros for an electric-powered coupe. 

Although when I think about how many group B legends I could obtain for that eye-watering price, I don’t see this really happening. I do hope I’m wrong, though.

If you’d want to contribute to this endeavor, go to the E-Legend website and become a stakeholder. https://www.e-legends.de/


Drivertical card

Another inspiring take on legendary design. Beautifully executed piece of mechinery.

  • What's cool: The ending result of a modern take on a classic vehicle is generally disappointing, but the E-Legend looks as stunning as the original and has the power to compete with modern supercars.
  • What's wrong: The legendary Audi is famous for its glorious 5-cylinder engine note, too. It's a key element that will remain missing.

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