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2024 VW ID. Buzz – a thrilling RWD van!

VW ID. Buzz Prototype

Volkswagen just introduced their new exciting prototype – the ID. Buzz. VW came a long way in redesigning and improving the Transporter, Caravelle, and the Multivan. However, these are just soulless carriers – nothing like the original VW Combi T1. Fortunately, the 2024 VW ID. Buzz seems to hit the right notes – it’s appealing, fun, and as practical as ever!

Why do we need this electric van?

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

People have been going crazy about SUVs for over two decades now. Most of them don’t even need off-roading capabilities – it’s all about a high seating position, roomy interior, and comfort. The point is that vans would serve great in these situations, but beefy, refined SUVs overshadow them. 

The ID. Buzz brings some changes into the market. The rear wheels get 204 hp and 310 Nm of instant torque. Moreover, this electric van provides a very low center of gravity, meaning it can fly into corners like your standard car. As a matter of fact, it’s based on the same platform as ID.3 and ID.4, so don’t worry about awkward and wobbly characteristics.

No compromise on practicality

The ID. Buzz is about 20 cm shorter than the Caravelle but still offers the same space inside. 20 cm is a lot when it comes to parking, and these short overhangs create a design that’s much more appealing to daily drivers. And even if you are into commercial use or traveling, the Cargo or California Camper versions are already confirmed. And you’ll get about 400 km in one charge!

VW ID. Buzz side view

There should be more powerful, LWB, and other additional versions in the future, so be patient!

There are a few rivals on the market

Don’t get too excited about the VW ID. Buzz because it’s just a prototype. While waiting for the launch, explore the market for other electric vans.

Vans aren’t often the talk of the town, especially electric ones. But many popular manufacturers offer them already: Vauxhall Vivaro-e, Citroen e-Berlingo, or Fiat e-Ducato. Usually, these are bulky and slow boxes on wheels with limited electric range. Unlike VW ID. Buzz, you won’t enjoy driving these every day.

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