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2023 Genesis G90 – scooch over, Germans!

White 2023 Genesis G90

I wonder when will all these Youtube comparisons of S-Class, 7-Series, and A8 also start including the G90? Many car manufacturers have their pinnacle models, but Genesis has been raising their stakes for quite some time now, trying to compete with the golden standard of luxury cars – the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. 

The new Genesis G90 has been revised inside and out. The evolving exterior design speaks for itself – Genesis’ team aims to set a new luxury standard, not an alternative to an S-Class. So how’s the 2023 model getting closer to perfection this time?

The exterior becomes cleaner and more iconic

From the outside, even the current G90 is far from outdated. While the first model in 2015 was designed with many Mercedes bits in mind, today, the Genesis design team is making their own path, and it’s even more noticeable in the 2023 model.

They made the Crest Grille more subtle, but redesigned headlights get the biggest piece of attention. 2023 Genesis G90 has double micro lens array headlights, stretching all the way to the front door.

Traditional door handles were replaced with flush ones, making the overall design more minimalistic and aerodynamic. You’ll get the same vibe from the back end: less chrome, more sharp edges, lowered license plate, parking sensors, etc.

Powerful, safe, smooth

While they boast how refined, smooth, and relaxing the ride is, they don’t talk numbers much. They only assured that the 2023 Genesis G90 will have a 3.5 L turbocharged V6 engine, producing 380 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque. All that power will come through an 8-speed automatic transmission with integrated drive modes. I also expect the new G90 to come with a V8 option like older models did (and still do).

Silver Genesis G90 2023

A multi chamber air suspension will adapt to your needs by adjusting the height and damping whenever needed. Also, a rear wheel steering system will reduce the turning radius during low speeds and provide smooth lane changes when cruising on highways.


While not as posh as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the interior of the new G90 is exceptionally cozy. There are no flimsy plastics or oversized gaps between panels, the instrument layout is straightforward, and neat touches surround the driver.

2023 Genesis G90 cabin

The new version has a revised interior design (the one in earlier models was getting old, to be honest). You can start the engine using an innovative fingerprint authentication system. Thanks to active noise control and double glazed windows with special acoustic film between them, every trip will be relaxing.

Don’t worry if you won’t be able to enjoy a glorious V8 symphony because the new G90 features a premium 23-speaker Bang&Olufsen audio system for your favorite tunes. And just like every proper luxury car, this one also has a few excessive traits, such as an aroma dispenser. Remember when Mercedes introduced that in 2014?

Finally, being a perfect car for trips in the back, Genesis thought about chauffeured owners too. Designers took complaints about the lack of touchscreens and massage features for granted, so 2023 Genesis G90 will have all of that plus more.

Is it worth it?

2023 Genesis G90 sideview

At this point, there aren’t many features that only the S-Class can brag about. Most people prefer Mercedes-Benz badges instead of Genesis (a division of South Korean manufacturer Hyundai). Both vehicles are filled with top-of-the-line features and are incredibly comfortable, luxurious, and powerful.

The biggest difference is that the Genesis G90 starts at around $75.000, while the Mercedes S-Class takes you back at least $110.000. That’s a whopping difference that everyone will reconsider when stepping into a luxury car market.

The new Genesis G90 should should be available for purchase somewhere in 2022.

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    Edward Dim

    I have a G-80 2021 now and I am thinking of going into transportation again. I would be very interested in a 2023 G-90.

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