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2023 Acura Integra – is it worth its name?

Acura finally decided to revive the Integra by bringing it instead of the ILX. This model is the most popular in Acura’s lineup and is a big part of the JDM car culture. The third-gen model is the most iconic for its tasteful exterior styling, high customization possibilities, weight-saving measures, powerful naturally aspirated engine, and rarity.

The next Integra wasn’t so successful, so Acura decided to discontinue this series in 2006. Today, 15 years later, a completely revised Acura Integra is available for purchase – how are they going to blend an old classic name into the modern car market?

The A-Spec model comes with a manual transmission

Many car manufacturers are ditching manual transmission options for all kinds of cars. The point is that modern automatic transmissions are very reliable, smooth, and provide better performance than manual transmissions. However, Acura decided that the Integra wouldn’t be worth its name without a manual transmission option, offering it as standard in the A-Spec version. Interestingly, it’s not available in the base model.

The clutch is light, shift changes are short, and manual transmissions have the rev-matching feature, which prevents awkward revving during shifting. Acura reveals that 65% of orders are for manual transmission versions, showing that Integra fans expected this. This percentage should decrease in the long run as more orders will come from casual drivers aiming for comfort.

Great equipment and pricing

The new Acura Integra is just an improved version of the Civic – there’s no way around that. However, Honda customers and automotive experts have been complaining about the lack of options in the new Civic, but the situation should change with the Integra.

Wireless charging, heated and electrically adjustable seats, dual-zone climate control, and blind-spot monitoring come standard in the 2023 Acura Integra. If you’re fancy for more features, get the technology package, which includes a larger screen, wireless smartphone system, premium sound system, parking sensors, and a heads-up display.

The Acura Integra price starts at $30,800, going up to $35,800 for the top trim version. The Honda Civic Si, which uses the same engine but has fewer features and lacks comfort, starts at $27,500. In this comparison, the new Integra becomes a no-brainer.

No two-door coupe version on the horizon

The main reason why Acura discontinued the Integra in 2006 was a decreasing demand for coupe models. Nowadays, even fewer people buy two-door coupes, so reviving this body type from the 90s may be disastrous. Acura built the new Integra as a four-door liftback instead.

The 2023 Integra weighs only 3,100 pounds, resulting in faster turns and acceleration. Its 200 hp, the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine may seem underpowered, but you’ll enjoy a nostalgic exhaust note.

On the other hand, 24.3 cubic feet of cargo volume, four doors, and great legroom also make it a fun family carrier with plenty of plush features to feel the premium qualities of the Acura.

Nowadays, buyers want an all-in-one experience, which explains why sporty SUVs four-door coupes are a big deal now. So, when you’re disappointed with the new Integra being a four-door fastback, remember that at least it’s not an SUV.

Great car that’s not for everyone

The 2023 Acura Integra doesn’t remind much of its predecessors, but it still preserves all of the essential qualities. It’s the rival of the Audi A3/S3, BMW 2-Series, and Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, but while the last three cars are similar, the Integra is focused more on driving experience, reliability, and practicality rather than the image, power, and latest technology. 

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    People are likely annoyed because the previous year Civic SI had many of those extra options that you can now only get in the significantly more expensive Acura Integra. It is a nice looking car but Acura tries to sell itself as a “performance brand” however they keep striking out in this department which in turn leads to quite a few lost sales. Folks that consider Acuras, particularly their cars, generally have a bit more money and also have at the very least some intetest in having a competive engine/transmission combo. This vechile strikes out in a major way in both departments. In fact, everyone asked Honda not to use a CVT however they still felt the need to use it along with tbe relatively weak 1.5T engine. Using the Accords 2.0T atva minimum would have excited a lot more people. Quite a few people had extremely high hopes for this car, especially after seeing the pictures. However once they heard about the engine/trans choice it turned that excitement into downright disappointment and im some cases annoyance. I myself would have strongly considered coming back to Honda after having had two previous bad experiences with two Accords but now will definitely not. Acura has to at least compete with Kia and Hyundai let alone Mercedes and BMW for me to consider returning. Right now their cars and SUV’s are not even close from either performance or technology persoectives when compared to Hyundai vechiles let alone Genesis yet they are priced through the roof. I believe people may be starting to figure this out.

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