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I’ve found an ultimate second life for stretched limos

There are ordinary Audi A8, BMW 7, S-Class Merc or Lexus LS. Rear legroom here is huge. You can sit legs crossed like there’s nothing to it. And then comes the L badge which means that the car has a long wheelbase and is 30 cm longer.

These are the crown jewels of every top brand. They transport presidents and other aces. Usually, you can spot one besides private jets or top-notch hotels.  

But have you ever wondered what happens when these cars are retired? I mean there’s no market for used cars like these. I have a good imagination but I’m struggling to think of any country or VIP shuttle business that buys 10-year-old limos. Buying one for yourself is bonkers. Longs are for the passengers in the back, not for the driving pleasure. Especially since Ls are way more expensive than the regular ones. 

Mercedes Benz S Class Long

Form follows function

But wait a second. I’ve found the ultimate use of long-wheelbase limos. And I’m not talking about sticking.

Sooner or later comes a moment when you find yourself sticking a small human into a precious Nappa interior. Suddenly it’s two of those. Lovely monsters devour on the ice cream kicking the front seats out of pure joy. Do I need a big-ass MPV? Probably, yes. Do I WANT to own one of those? Hell no.

And then BAM – stretched sedans are made for these moments. Especially when they took a hard depreciation punch to the stomach. 

Welcome to the good life

To begin with, seating a child is a bliss. Stretched doors could fit a cow. And it should look priceless too. Imagine the scene where your kids are chauffeured to kindergarten in a limo. I already feel pure envy of those driving funky SUVs. Wait till they start to realize that every limo has a 100l larger trunk than any passenger car. 

Lexus LS 600h

Now it’s time to take family vacations to the next level. Kids sipping chilled lemonade in the back. You and your significant other having a magic carpet experience. The cabin is quiet as night. Except for high-end speakers filling the vibe with jazz. With gentle pushes to your back seats are taking all recent worries away. 

Then stick a towing hook and enjoy charming GT caravaning life. Big S Class V8 diesel would tow the whole house if it was legal. So a normal trailer would be fine.

I don’t think that limo would skip a beat if you’re doing it right. Just avoid doing it with Lexus LS since this kind of lifestyle would melt their hybrid innards.

Feel it? Life is getting better with each mile. And all it took just to take a leap of faith and buy a second-hand limo. My job here is done.

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