About Us

Welcome to DRIVERTICAL. A place where cars are driven, loved and admired. Oh, and sometimes hated, too.

My name is Matas and I’m the man behind the DRIVERTICAL. A car enthusiast brand inspired by carVertical.

From my early age I was always buzzed about machines. I can’t help myself – my neck automatically turns towards the cars that are loud, quick, dangerous and usually unforgiving.

I often call myself petrolhead and have a great passion for driving. I always try to improve myself by learning new techniques and watching hours of footage on YouTube. I also take part in some amateur racing, vlogging and presenting cars in videos as well.

There are things easy to understand and love in cars. But sometimes manufacturers seem to forget why people enjoy driving. All the content here in this blog flows deep from my heart, experience and passion. 

So if you’re a car enthusiast, you just found yourself in the right place. Grab some coffee and stay for a good read.